Second Look at ENC

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Matthew 14

Overwhelming circumstances might trigger a crash and burn, but is this altogether bad?  Sometimes God invites us into overwhelming circumstances just so he can prove his strength to us.

We know the Devil is bad, and so are his forces against us. How can the gospel, and specifically gospel based community, help us fight against his schemes?

Pastor Todd walks through Matthew 12:15-37 where we may observe evidence of God's grace and a clear warning about rejecting the gospel. 

Running on empty? A rule keeping mindset is exhausting. Jesus said to pay attention to this idea - "I desire mercy, not sacrifice." Join Todd & Hunter as they explore the gospel as a Sabboth rest. 

Todd and Hunter review Matthew 11:25-30 exploring what it looks like to rest in the gospel and trust in God's gracious will. 

Todd & Hunter look at the confusion of those following Jesus and discuss how God's grace always exceeds our expectations. 

Pastor Todd and Hunter run through the highlights of chapter 10 of Matthew drawing out interpretation and application of Jesus' commission. 

Todd, Hunter, and first time guest Ryan explore Matthew 9 with 4 basic questions that can be applied to any text. What does this teach us about God? What does this teach us about humanity? Where is the gospel in this text? Now what?

We read that Jesus heals in the New Testament, but what does that mean for us today? Can we trust that the work of the cross is sufficient to redeem the brokenness that we encounter on a daily basis? 

Take a look with pastor Todd at the key words within Matthew 28:19-20 and build a context for our mission, vision, and strategy at ENC. 

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