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We were made to serve a King - it is part of how God created us. Either we are ruled by the King of destructive sin or we are ruled by a benevolent Savior-King. We will not find the freedom we are looking for unless we submit ourselves to Jesus and his supreme authority.

We would do well to read Judges and recover the power of the stories going on in this book. We will not so much find stories about the hope of humanity, but about the desperate corruption that leaders are accountable for and the surprisingly gracious work of God in spite of bad leaders.  Its theme is basically this - God’s people self-destruct when they ignore God’s word and get their values from the surrounding culture. Yet, God delivers his people from hopeless situations in surprising ways. God is in the business of rescuing people from the mess they create.

Check out this Bible Project Video summarizing the book of Judges -

In our great zeal to know God and follow him, we often make a mistake in the direction of doing rather than believing. Righteousness is not something we can achieve but something we are to receive in Christ. 

Jacob’s life isn’t like Jesus at all. His life is riddled with lies, trouble, manipulation, theft, threat of murder, plotting, selfishness, self-preservation, self-gain, bribery, rape, revenge, murder, running for his life, etc. Yet, God has chosen to bless Jacob just like he's chosen to bless us in Christ. 

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How can a good God demand the sacrifice of an innocent life? More curiously, how can the innocent comply with such willfulness? This story, like many others, calls into question what we are putting our faith in, our ability to sacrifice, or Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf?

Jesus is the better Abraham, who not only received God’s favor, believed and obeyed, but became the source of all blessings to every nation as promised to Abraham. What Jesus provides for sinners like me and you is far better than the pattern that Abraham’s story gives us. Abraham is a conditional covenant. Jesus is a covenant with terms fulfilled by Jesus - except one - “Believe.”

What we require is for God to be gracious - to find favor with us and walk with us.  He has make this possible in Jesus. Our ARK is Christ. We cannot be saved outside of him. We must find ourselves securely onboard with the doors sealed and shut by God if we are to avoid the flood of judgement that is to come without his provision. Jesus is the better Noah. The better Ark. The better covenant.

The Christian life isn’t about you coming out on top but about your willingness to sit at the bottom and lift others up - its about responding to broken people in love - in tangible ways as much as spiritual ways.

"Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood,
which speaks better than the blood of Abel."

- Hebrews 11:24

Hunter and Todd take us to Paul (Romans 5) for better understanding Adam as a representative for mankind. Adam's significance serves to enlightened the work of Christ on our behalf. 

This final episode on Gospel Fluency includes a review of chapters 13 Listen and Learn, 14 Show and Tell, and 15 Grow in Love and Wisdom. 

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