Second Look at ENC

Providing you last Sunday’s message in just about 15 minutes.

Acts: The Formation of the Church, part 3 - Here in the 3rd book of Acts we get a second sermon from Peter. An every-day-life situation becomes a gospel sharing moment that leads to another public opportunity to proclaim Jesus and call sinners to repentance. 

The Formation of the Church, part 2 - Acts 2 shows us how the Spirit in the early church led to a bold proclamation of the gospel leading to the formation of new kind of community. Todd & Hunter discuss concerns for the church. 

The Formation of the Church, part 1 - Todd offers an overview of the Acts group guide and takes a moment to review the main points of yesterday's message from Acts chapter 1. 

The good news of Jesus' death and resurrection provides meaningful influence on the way that we think of ourselves and treat others. Listen in on Todd & Hunter's conversation on the gospel. 

Does faith come through epic Spiritual experience or by other means? How can we be the kind of people who "move mountains" with our tiny faith?  Pastor Todd explores this and more. 

How does the gospel allow us to set our minds on the things of God, deny ourselves, and follow Jesus?  Hunter and Todd discuss this and more from Matthew 16. 

Matthew 15

We're likely to fall into traps that distort the gospel, one way or another.  When it comes to hand washing, wearing the right clothes, or listening to the right music - do these things make or break you in terms of righteousness?  Let's take a second look. 

Matthew 14

Overwhelming circumstances might trigger a crash and burn, but is this altogether bad?  Sometimes God invites us into overwhelming circumstances just so he can prove his strength to us.

We know the Devil is bad, and so are his forces against us. How can the gospel, and specifically gospel based community, help us fight against his schemes?

Pastor Todd walks through Matthew 12:15-37 where we may observe evidence of God's grace and a clear warning about rejecting the gospel. 

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